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February 25, 2008




Good for you, Jenny!

Like you, I was finally motivated to change my life as a result of health problems. For me, it was high blood pressure and the increased risk of heart attack and stroke that come with it. My husband and I had moved and my new job required a physical just to check that I didn't have any communicable diseases (like TB). Anyway, I can remember the nurse literally freaking out when she checked my blood pressure. She checked it several times before going to get the doctor who then checked it several times as well. Eventually, the doctor looked at me and said, "if you don't do something about this, you're going to die. And soon." Then he prescribed a high powered blood pressure medication. I'd never been on any kind of medication long term and I'm telling you, I *hate* taking that pill every day. The idea of what it's doing to my liver, or the risk of other side effects that no one has discovered yet, scare me to death.

Anyway, it was then that I decided that I *was* smart and strong enough to change my life. That I didn't, at only 36 years old, *have* to be shackled to medication for the rest of my life. That I was worth taking care of.

And you are too!

Gosh, I'm proud of us! :)


PS: Sorry for hijacking your blog for my rant!


*returns smile*

You're very welcome to hijack my blog - I'm honoured!

I did pick up in something you wrote previously that you had experienced a fright. You would be a huge loss to this world and, although horrible, I'm glad the doctor was blunt. My reaction to my doctor was anger, didn't he realise how I tried but I'm thankful now. I'm a '71' babe too and it's far to young to have these sorts of problems.

The liver is probably the most forgiving organ, as you lose your weight hopefully coming off medication will be an option in due course for you too. Perhaps you could try to add in healing foods that would help the fight. I can't think of what it is for blood pressure off the top of my head but, for example, a good dose of cinnamon is good for blood sugar - I've been using that quite a bit, tastes nice too. J


J ~ If you didn't hear about this a couple of weeks ago apparently it's beetroot juice. Check out this article


... if you could develop a taste for it, that is :)

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